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$5 Million US Government Rack Installation

Situation: One of the US forces required fast servers with adequate fault tolerance to provide maximum uptime for their accounts payable system. They estimated that system downtime was costing them $100,000 per hour in lost payment vendor discounts and were keen to resolve the issue. 

Solution: We researched the required equipment, designed the configuration, installed the system on time, trained their staff and delivered the performance that exceeded their expectations. Following the installation, the client used our rack installation as a new standard/example to other vendors of acceptable rack installations.

During a power outage that occurred shortly after our installation – our servers were the only servers that did not experience downtime. Other equipment was down for as long as one week following the power outage due to data loss and hardware failures. Our installation was again used as an example of how to properly protect the client’s data.

Another Challenge: While performing the onsite installation the client had a complete network slowdown, which could not be resolved by their fortune 100 support firms who had been working on the issue for months. Our technicians were asked to review the issue and to assist in regaining the network speed since the accounts payable staff could not accomplish their work. After review of the issue, we found the entire switch configuration to be flawed in design and configuration. Even though the Fortune 100 firms did not agree with our findings, the client asked us to try our recommended solution, which involved re-configuring the network. We completed the reconfiguration in one evening and produced a 1,000% increase in network performance - the client’s employees could not believe their eyes!

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