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100 million dollar upgrade

Situation: Client started a 100 million dollar visitor renovation of a US landmark building which required IT project management/network design support to stay in budget and on schedule while most of their IT team remained focused on their normal duties. The project scaled 103 floors, 1,000 endpoints, a dozen IDF/lanrooms and included many vendors working hard to achieve the same lofty goal while competing for space, time and resources.


The project included the decommissioning of old IDF/lanrooms and creation of new ones while keeping the building in an operational/safe state for workers, staff, exhibit visitors and tenants. New fiber/copper paths were created, 70 year old cable installation identification and remediation, IDF/LAN rooms designed as a team with large groups of vendors from numerous trades ranging from security, lighting, audio visual, modeling, electrical and carpentry trades. 


All project requirements under DBS responsibility were delivered on time and within budget. At one point DBS was asked to redesign another vendor's network design to reduce the projected cost by 50%. We created a new design, outlined the differences with several options until all parties were satisfied and achieved the required cost savings with the network installation completed at the required performance level.


Results: The client's IT team remained focus on their daily tasks while we kept them informed when decisions where needed and updated them with the project's status. Visitors at the landmark building today are enjoying a wonderful visitor experience due to the entire team's efforts with a solution that will last for years.

New York City
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