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Deployment of Servers on 45 Oil Tankers Underway

Situation: An oil transportation firm with 45 oil tankers in their fleet needed to get Microsoft networks installed on each ship without a network engineer going to the ships which were already underway throughout the world.

Solution: We designed and implemented a Windows server based solution, which required the domain controllers on the ships to be created and maintained with scripts. We configured all and tested all servers offsite. We then trained and provided guidance to the firm’s staff on how to complete the network cabling and physical equipment installations. 

We also implemented a backup\recovery system with various phases of disaster recovery from onsite recovery to full remote office depot recovery. All installations were implemented without issues and to date no network engineer has had to visit any of the ships. Our client is very happy with our scalable solution. They are now getting satellite Internet access on all the ships, which will allow us to actively manage the fleet.

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